Scream for me


A brother wouldn’t be a brother (even if his last name is Jackson) if he didn’t tease his baby sister.

“I’m used to it.” laughed Janet, who interprets the teasing as a show of love. “Marlon is a big tease and kids me constantly. So does Michael. In fact, Michael gave me my new nickname. You wont believe it, but my nickname is now Slaughter Hog.”

A nickname like Slaughter Hog seems totally off the wall. Even Janet isn’t too sure how Michael came up with it.

“I was walking down the hall at our home,” reported Janet, “and I heard someone just cracking up laughing behind me.It sort of echoed down the hallway. I turned around and said, ‘Who is that?’ I heard a voice say ‘Slaughter Hog.’ It was Michael and he was laughing. Just cracking up in laughter. He said, ‘That’s your new nickname- Slaughter Hog.’ He turned around and started walking down the steps, laughing the whole time. I thought, ‘Oh well, another nickname.’ But I don’t mind.

I guess I’m the closest to Michael and Randy. […] They help me in so many ways. So, when they tease me, I know it’s all in fun and I don’t take it seriously. Like the nickname Slaughter Hog. It’s all in fun.” (Janet Jackson about Michael, Rock and Soul 1984)

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